nous™ is a unique wearable eye blink switch
for accessing communication and self-expression

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"Since using Nous I can
now access a switch independently for the first time in my life. I have really enjoyed being part of something that is going to help others."

Danielle Smith, co-designer and Nous user

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Help us improve Nous for everybody by using it for 30 days

Why Nous?

Co-designed with therapists, people with disabilities and their support network.

Nous is loved by people with all types of disabilities.
From motor-neurone disease, to cerebral palsy, brainstem stroke and spinal cord injuries.

If you can blink, you can use Nous.

Works by detecting purposeful blinks

Minimal effort, easy to use.
A gentle, natural movement is all it takes to access assistive software. No more straining, stretching and sweating to hit that switch.

Intelligent software, that adapts uniquely to you

Nous learns what your loved one's intentional blinks look like, and ignores everything else. We know that comfort is crucial, so they can still blink naturally.

Nous is an extension of your loved one

Supports any body position and environment. Communicate and interact comfortably while lying down or sitting in any position. It’s an access solution for indoors, outdoors, and one day even outer space…

Simplicity at its finest. Nous is ready in 3 steps

Time is precious. We want you to spend it with those you care about. Co-designed with therapists, people with disabilities and their support network. Nous is designed with you at heart, every step of the way.

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Don't just take our word for it

Here is what people are saying about Nous

"Nous has given Kassidy an opportunity to show people what she is capable of, which  means she is treated age and skill appropriately. She was happier and more confident within herself and hopeful that we were on the right path towards getting to know her wants and desires better."

Tracey Gates, mother of a young adult with Cerebral Palsy

"My patient has been using intentional blinks to communicate for years and to date any ‘‘blink’’ switch always required hard blinks that were either too tiring or too difficult. Nous was different as it allowed them to use habitual, intentional blinks to control scanning to access communication software."

Lise Bleu, Occupational Therapist

"As long as you can blink purposely you can use this device. I love that it gives people the opportunity of having a voice. It gives people the ability to express themselves."

Courtney Coe, Occupational Therapist

How does Nous work?

Nous is both hardware and software. The hardware component is a soft headset
that houses the sensors which measure your blinks.

Sensors on the headset measure electrical signals of eye movement, called "electrooculography" or EOG. With Nous, the headset measures the EOG signals produced when you blink.

The Nous software intelligently understands what your “blink signal” looks like before you start using it as a switch access method. Everyone’s blinks are different, and vary throughout the day.

This ensures that Nous will provide an accurate and comfortable experience when using blinks to control software applications. It learns to ignore your natural blinks, while using only your purposeful blinks to click.

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We are offering free trials of Nous to anyone needing it to communicate or interact

  • People who need alternative access to communication tools or a computer
  • People who have Cerebral Palsy, Motor-Neurone Disease/ALS, Muscular Dystrophy, severe Spinal Cord Injury, suffered a Brain Stem Stroke or are otherwise locked-in
  • Have access to a Windows device: laptop, tablet or have a Windows-based AAC device
  • Based in Australia or New Zealand

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